About Us

"Assessment is critical. It is extremely difficult to develop a training programme if the current level of ability is uncertain"

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... and is often conducted by someone with no training in how to examine or assess skill level

Once we professionally assess you, they way forward is clear, it is simply a case of putting in the required amount of work to achieve the desired result

So many learners muddle through their driver training on an ad hoc basis, with no clear objective Or timeline

It's ok to think 'I want to pass my driving test', but there's so much more to it than that. A holiday would never happen with that type of planning

So take control of your driver training, try our £30 half-price assessment. It could be the smartest move you ever made

Born in Grimsby (some time ago), I went to Wintringham Grammar School as it was then, after which I started work on Immingham docks in a shipping agency. After a career that involved jobs ranging from publican to project management, I joined BSM in 2003 and trained to be a driving instructor. During my time with BSM, I became their Senior Instructor and Mock Test Examiner covering their Norfolk area

In 2006, I created 21st Century Driving to run alongside my BSM franchise with a view to developing a dynamic system of driving lessons that would enable learners to play a more active role in their training, and have some control over how long their training would take, and how much it would cost

 As the project developed, it became evident that more and more time would be needed to support it. So when BSM announced changes to their structure which would limit my available time, I decided it was time to devote myself 100% to the new venture and launched the driving school as a full time entity

We have refined our products over time, so that what we offer you is a well structured, proven training programme to suit your needs, whatever the level of your driving ability

Driving lessons in Grimsby with 21st Century Driving School

Full training programme

Many of our scratch starters opt for the 36 hour training programme. Refined over the years, it sets out to cut 10 - 12 hours off the recommended number of training hours as advised by the DVSA

This extremely popular course cames in 3 modules and can be used as an accelerated learning programme