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Subscription prices

Assessment Lesson

We recommend ALL new clients take this assessment, and why not when it's half-price This is your chance to see how we do things before you commit yourself, and your money

Standard Lessons

Here you can book a single lesson, or book a multiple of up to a 10 hour block of lessons Larger blocks made by bank transfer, we will supply you with the details

Out of Hours

Your circumstance might mean you require out of hours lessons. We can provide these by arrangement, but they will carry a 20% surcharge. Find our more by clicking the button

Target 36

Here is a flexible and cost effective package for the person who seriously wants to get it done Can be completed in as little as 6 weeks but is normally scheduled over 12, your choice

Mock Test

It's not the same as a lesson. The whole dynamic in the car is different and unnerving Why wait until test day to find out what it's like You will receive a full debrief at the end

Test Rescue

This is a course designed for the unsuccesful test candidate. you were not good enough last time, so don't fall into the trap of thinking you will do better next time. YOU NEED HELP

Refresher Lessons

You have been driving for a while, maybe even a long while, but there is still that niggling doubt about something. For example - Parallel Parking Don't go spending £500+ on a gadget that does it for you (they really don't). 2 hours with us and you will have it nailed. Other subject, such as Motorways, Country Roads, Mutistorey Car Parks etc