16/07/2022 We're off the road for a while

As already advised, we're off the road for this week, while the insurance company can source a replacement vehicle as our friend has sustained some damage

It looks cosmetic, but it is best practice to have the car into the workshop and repaired

Those with lessons booked w/c 18~19/07/22 have been individually notified but updates will appear here

Sorry for the inconvenience


UPDATE 18/07/22

All lessons this week are CANCELLED
Insurers are not going to be able to supply replacement vehicle until FRIDAY at the earliest therefore NO LESSONS can be conducted this week
Very sorry to disappoint you all

Update 22/07/22

Finally, there is a car available, but it is Barnsley, and cannot be delivered until Monday 25/07/22


Welcome to the new BULLETIN BOARD feature, designed to enable group communications in a different way than the recent Covid page did

We will use this facility to 'mass' communicate relevant information to current clients whenever the need arises

You can bookmark this page on your preferred device with this link


Now read on for a notification about prices


To: All current clients:
When prices were increased in March this year, there was a proviso for a further increase should the pump price of fuel exceed £1.60p per litre
This benchmark was surpassed some time ago, and the current lesson price can be held no longer as fuel purchased yesterday cost £1.88p per litre
There is also the issue of 'late payments' which now total almost £800 for lessons taken and fees for booked tests
So a new pricing structure has been devised to tackle both issues

From 1st July lesson prices will increase by:


£1.00 per hour for lessons paid in advance (as is the norm) or on the day (cash)

NEW RATE £33.50ph

£2.50 per hour for lessons paid in arrears or AFTER the lesson and lessons may be suspended until arrears are cleared

NEW RATE £35.00ph

(If you find yourself on this rate for any reason, you can return to the lower rate by purchasing a block of 10 hours for £335.00p)

You can find details for direct bank transfer on your latest Pupil Details Report statement in the lower centre of the top section


Any queries please call/text 0773638636 or email [email protected]