Preparing for your driving test

So you want to pass your driving test

You are part of a very large group of people. So, first things first. What do you need to do in preparation for your driving test

Well you will need a provisional driving licence

Then you will need to take and pass the Theory Test, which comprises of 50 mutliple choice questions, (pass mark 43), and a hazard perception test of 14 video clips with a total available score of 75 (pass mark 44). This is required before your driving licence number will be cleared for an application to take the 'practical' test with an examiner

You will then need to undergo driver training, before booking and taking the driving test

The test, the examiner, and you

It's been a while coming, but finally the day of your driving test is here, You've done the training, and practiced hard, so what else is there to do

Well it's nothing like a lesson, so we will have prepared you with a Mock Test. Most instructors do mock tests, but very few have any proper training to do so. That's not to say they can't make a reasonable attempt at role-playing an examiner

Here at 21st Century Driving, we have the training, and the qualifications to administer a mock test just like the real thing


The driving test lasts approx 40 minutes, will include 2 questions about your car (show me/tell me) one of which is likely to be on the move, a section of independent driving (Sat/Nav, following signs or simple instructions) and a wide variety of road types to challenge your skills

The road, weather and traffic conditions are quite random, and will be whatever the world throws at you. The random nature of these variables makes the test fair for all, as each candidate has the opportunity to choose the time and date of their test when booking

You will be asked to do one reverse manoeuvre, from parallel parking, parking on the right hand side of the road, and bay parking (forwards and reversing out, or reversing in. The test will also include serveral instances of parking on the left (controlled stops), then rejoining traffic and you may also be asked to do an emergency stop

At the end of the test, the examiner will give you the result after you have parked up at the test centre, no waiting, pass or fail, you will know straightaway

In the current COVID situation you cannot ask for your instructor to accompany you on test (in the back), Should a serious or dangerous fault be made by the candidate, the car will be routed directly back to the test centre

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