The A180

The A180 Dual Carriageway

If you are here, your driving should be at the Test Prep stage

That is not to say that you will not find it useful if you are not quite there yet, but if your test is booked, you should take full advantage of the content on this page

To avoid repetition, we will work on the basis that you understand the following routines, MSM, POM, and LADA, if you don't, you have some revision to do

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  • A180 Westgate.png
  • A180 Pyewipe.png
  • A180 Great Coates.png

    It is not often that we can say always or never when talking about driving, but the nature of the A180 is that you can go straight on in both the right and left hand lanes when approaching any of the roundabouts in either direction along the dual carriageway. One way we can simplify these approaches is to use the left hand lane UNLESS you have been instructed to turn right (use clock face rule). Do not be phased by queueing traffic. Stick with this lane procedure, and if it takes a little longer, so be it. Keep it simple

    The obvious exception would be if you are forced by circumstances to use the other lane (roadworks or an accident being good examples)

    This is our longest video to date, just short of 18 minutes. It covers the Lock Hill, Westgate and Pyewipe roundabouts and also the Great Coates interchange. Showing the different approaches and exits, it contains excellent footage and tips, and also gives you the opportunity to repeat/scroll the video forwards and back until you "get it" without spending hours of lesson time going around the houses. In normal circumstances you will not travel further along the A180 than the Great Coates Interchange (unless you miss it!)

    PYEWIPE RB - take the 3rd exit

    The last roundabout before returning to the test centre, this dreaded right turn has caught many test candidates out for lane procedure when exiting the roundabout. Here we show you how to get the exit correct and stop the incoming dual carriageway traffic scaring the life out of you AND the examiner. Once you seen how it's done, it all seems so simple. This is based on the fundamental principle of signalling and switching to the left lane just after passing the exit before the one you want

    WESTGATE RB - take the 3rd exit

    Almost identical to the right turn at the Pyewipe roundabout, in fact WESTGATE is a 'mirror' image of the PYEWIPE roundabout with 2 right turns, the common instruction being turn right at the 3rd exit. The video contains a similar 'freeze frame' to help you identify the exact procedure to safely change lanes to negotiate the exit safely. Once you master one of these roundabouts, the other will naturally fall into place