Target 36 - The driver training course that saves you time and money

This product is currently suspended due to the extremely long driving test waiting list (6 months). When this reduces to a more manageable 3 months, this course will be re-instated



Latest course success - Kerry, 25/08/2020

When Kerry had her assessment with us, back in February, she had put off learning to drive for years, and has never looked back. Even during the long drawn out days of the CoVid-19 lockdown which resulted in her lessons being suspended and her May test being postponed (more than once) to August 25th

Initially, her progress was perfectly in line with the course plan, but lockdown could have ruined everything. She made good and frequent use of the online facilities, and when we resumed lessons she was back in the swing of things by the end of the first session


So we increased the lesson frequency to make sure we met the required hours for the course itinery to be completed which included a mock test. There was a problem on the MT, but we discussed what had caused it, the reasons behind it (including the repetition) and ways to fix it. The only other fault, being a minor on the manoeuvre

Just a few days later, Kerry passed first time as predicted, with no sign of the MT problem and just a 3 dfs from the examiner. This course worked perfectly for Kerry (despite lockdown)

Could it be the right one for you?            Keep scrolling for more details

Steve has been a fantastic instructor.. I was extremely nervous on starting my automatic driving journey.. but he put me...

Posted by Kerry Riley on Tuesday, 25 August 2020

Why is our Target 36 course different?

Most people start their driving lessons with no clear goal or timescale in mind. This does not seem to bother a large number of driving schools, but it is something we like to get sorted by the end of the first lesson. How else can an instructor plan a lesson programme without a defined goal or target date. This is a common failing with a lot of driving schools, but not us. We like you to give us your target and timescale, whatever it may be, so that we can guide you through a programme to achieve that goal

The DVSA have said for years that you need 47hrs of training plus 20hrs or so of private practice. They then require you to pass 2 tests to gain your driving licence and are the only providers of the tests (theory and practical) you will need to get your driving licence

At 21st Century Driving, we do not play "follow the leader". Our courses are bespoke and designed to suit the individual, rather than an "off  the shelf" package. If you need  something specifically to suit you needs, we can design and produce it, be it a lesson plan, or a video. This is how Target36 has evolved over the last 12 years. On this course, we target 36 hours from the outset, and lessons are progressive and as demanding as you can cope with. Even though we target 36hrs, some successful candidates have reached their goal in less. So if you really want to save money, read on

Target 36

So, 47 hours of lessons  and 22 hours of private practice. What does that cost?  Nearly £1500.00p, IF you can get learner insurance cover for £100 a month or less. What if you can't get that private practice. Let's leave that out of the equation for now

There is an immediate cash benefit of over £200 in the cost of the number of targetted hours. The comparison we have prepared is with a lesson rate that is   10% LESS THAN OUR STANDARD RATE!!   and yet target 36 still comes out with the lowest overall cost. If the lesson rate was the same as ours, the savings would be even greater (another £140+).

It is a common mistake when looking for driving lessons that the "lowest hourly rate" is the cheapest way to go. MYTH BUSTED! You might think that your paying £3 an hour more, but your total outlay is going to be much, much more (est. more than £400 more in fact)

Now let's factor in that private practice that's so strongly recommended. Don't mistake private practice as free practice. The average cost of adding a learner driver to an insurance policy is around £4 per day, on a monthly basis, that is around £100pm, so 2 months would cost approx £200 on top of your lessons

You will also have petrol, wear and tear to factor in, but the only definitive cost we can estimate is the car insurance premium as stated 

So now your 47 + 22 looks like it's going to cost you around £1469.00 in total. That is over £400 more than our Target 36 training course. So now you know the facts, which is the better value option now? Book the half price 2 hour assessment below and come and find out more about how we do things



The focus of this training programme is it's secret to saving time and money during training, although it is fair to point out that everything has to be balanced, so to make these savings, the workload has to be increased to make the programme work

Nothing is free in life or driving, so the onus is on the learner to use the online facilities provided (free of charge) to reduce the repetetive requirements on lessons and so enable us to reduce the overall in-car training time required. A good example of this is the reverse manoeuvre. Of the four you need to learn, the examiner will only ask you to do one, and by the time you take your driving test, you should be able to complete any of the four in a minute or less. That represents 2½% of the 40 minute test, so it makes no sense spending half of your last 5 or 6 lessons before test "practising" your manoeuvres. This is just one example of how we reduce the training time

Be assured, we will  ALWAYS  practice things as much as is required, but  YOU  will have the capacity, ability and facilities to reduce the need for this repetetive practice

YOU WILL learn all you need to know to become a safe and confident driver, as was said earlier, this training programme DOES NOT shortcut anything. So if you want to SAVE MONEY on your driving lessons, think long and hard about how those savings are made. Cheap lessons are not the way to go, but FEWER better quality lessons makes more sense and better savings. (Click on the video to see what Lawrence thought of it after his 1st time pass)

People who have spent the time and effort (not necessarily money) in preparing for their driving test normally do well and pass first time. However. nothing is guaranteed in this world, and on the day, even the best prepared candidate can make a serious error and so fail their driving test. This will normally be due to underperforming due to nerves (and we have techniques to deal with that BEFORE the test)

So book a half price assessment now, and find out what we are all about, and if this training course is for you

£30 for 2 hours is a bargain !! 

2hr automatic assessment
Book a 2 hours assessmen for £25

Apart from the financial benefits, Target 36 is an extermely flexible training programme. It was originally designed as a 12 week programme but has been applied to training schedules ranging from 4 weeks to 20+ weeks. The limiting factors are many and varied, so be prepared to answer some questions when this course is tailor made to your requirements

Listed below are general details of the course curriculum, and how it is delivered. This content is definitive, but not limited to a learner's specfic needs (as we are all different), so you can rest assured you will learn ALL you need to know and more. In the unlikely event that either you or we feel you would benefit from additional lessons to meet the course requirements, these will be provided at our standard rate

Steve has been a fantastic instructor.. I was extremely nervous on starting my automatic driving journey.. but he put me...

Posted by Kerry Riley on Tuesday, 25 August 2020

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The first in a series of 3 modules consisting of 6 x 2 hour driving lessons which will cover the following:

Cockpit drill, Controls & Instruments, Use of mirrors, Moving and Stopping, Safe positioning, Parking, Junctions, Residential roads, Use of signals, Rural roads, Judging bends, Awareness & Planning, Roundabouts and Introduction to reversing


The theory test needs to be passed during this period in order to keep the 12 week target on track

The second in a series of 3 modules consisting of 6 x 2 hour driving lessons which will cover the following:

Dual carriageways, Complex Junctions, Other road users, Pedestrian crossings,  Traffic light systems and controls, Test Manoeuvres -  Bay, Parallel parking and Pulling up on the right and Independent driving with a SatNav. and following signs and group instructions. We also cover driving at night and in adverse conditions (conditions permitting), and driver's legal responsibilities


The third in a series of 3 modules consisting of 6 x 2 hour driving lessons which will cover the following:

Practice to date skills, Test preparation begins, What-If planning, Advanced anticipation, Mock Test, Remedial mock test correctional section, Local junction knowledge and techniques, Test day pick-up, drop off and use of car for the driving test (Additional 2hrs required)


It has to be stressed at this point that being ready for the driving test is a pre-requisite for use of the car on the day (this will be assessed with a Mock Test which is INCLUDED IN THE COURSE)

If, in our opinion either the examiner, the car or the general public would be put at any risk, then the test appointment would be aborted and re-scheduled. However, this has not happened yet, because the preparation is so thorough, that any issues would have been raised long before test day

It could be that the test candidate would benefit from some additional training hours before the test, and again if this was our recommendation it would be highlighted in plenty of time. It is also possible that a candidate might be ready in less than the planned hours. If this was to happen, any un-used hours would be refunded, which has happened on more than one occasion