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So why should you choose one driving school over another. Size is a distinct disadvantage. The bigger the school, the smaller you are and you can be lost in the numbers being churned around in the admin machine. Who do you think are the larger driving schools main customers? 

Certainly not you, their main concern is keeping their instructors busy so that they can pay their fees to the school every week. This means that you (the learner) are a secondary customer they have to deal with to keep their primary customers (the instructors) supplied with work. Not feeling so special now are you? How many people know that BSM is now owned and operated by the AA???  

There are a number of obvious reasons people quote in answer to this one but the underlying reasons behind their choices can be, and more often than not, be flawed

They've been around a long time

This may be true and there's nothing wrong with a good reputation, in fact it is one of the cornerstones of business, but the driving school that taught your Mum to drive no longer exists. Sure the name is there, but all the people have moved on or retired so the driving school of yesteryear may not even exist anymore. Even the 'stalwarts of old' such as the AA and BSM are mere shadows of what they used to be, gone is their large instructor base. They have been subverted by the new breed of national driving school, with their ridiculous offers and terms and conditions which are only exceeded in length by their training courses

Driving lessons in Grimsby with 21st Century Driving School

I only took 12 hrs of lessons with xxxx driving school

Anyone who passed their test more than 20 years ago ( which probably includes your Mum and Dad ) would be able to say much the same thing. The Driving Test (and consequently driving lessons ) have changed beyond recognition in that time and driver training programmes have also changed to meet the needs of the learner achieving competence in todays challenging road and traffic conditions

Driving lessons in Grimsby with 21st Century Driving School

Because xxxx driving school only charge £xx per hr

Probably the biggest mistake most people make is to fall for an offer or a price per hour that they think will save them money. How many hours, how much and how long are ALL important factors to consider to reach the real cost of your driving lessons. 36 x £30 against 50 x £25 is not a difficult calculation to make.

Fewer, better quality lessons are the way to go for a first time pass. Fewer lessons, fewer tests is a best way to save money in the long run

Driving lessons in Grimsby with 21st Century Driving School
Driving lessons in Grimsby with 21st Century Driving School

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