Prices for our automatic driving lessons in Grimsby

So you have chosen to learn to drive in an automatic car. WELL DONE! Our goal is to help you achieve your goal of learning to drive safely and getting your driving licence

In our experience, in 4 hours most people achieve what it takes 10 - 15 hours in a manual car. That being said, everyone is different and whichever gearbox you choose, it is not going to change you or your ability to master all the other driving related skills you will need to master the art of driving

We have a number of options that your training course could follow, but whichever one you choose, you can be assured that you will be learning in a quaity, state of the art family car, not a  small city car that will leave you wanting more

Not only that, our hygiene protocols dictate that a 90 minute cleaning regime is conducted after EVERY lesson to ensure that the vehicle is presented to each customer as hygenically safe as possible and to our rigorous standards. (This does limit how many lessons we can deliver each week but safety is paramount in the current circumstances)

We recommend that everyone starts with an assessment lesson for which we will charge half price. That's £30.00p for a 2 hour session saving you £30.00p.

This is not a gimmick. We have been doing this for years as an added value introductory lesson. You can see how we do things, try out the car, and get all your questions answered including "what's he like?" A car is a small space to share with someone you don't get on with (one of the reasons we do not use a small car)

So if you aren't convinced by the end of the assessment, no harm done. You haven't committed to anything and you have just had 2 hours in the car for just £30.00p as we never ask anyone to sign up for a course BEFORE meeting and driving the car

If you want to book please use the button below and it will take you to the trusted PayPal portal. You don't need an account, and we don't need your card details. Sign in as a guest, and PayPal will do the rest

Initial payments can be made through the trusted PAYPAL system, although once we have got started, we will let you have our bank details for direct transfers of any larger amounts to reduce fees

After the initial assessment, you will be keen to book more lessons to match the timescale of how your want training to proceed, all designed to fit in with your own requirements and targets. No-one wants a fixed course of must do's that is meant to suit everyone. With us, your training is holistic, bespoke and tailored around you and your personal requirements

There is no right or wrong way to move forward, it is all driven by you (Sorry about the awful puns)