Driving test manoeuvre "how to" videos

In the past, we have made something similar to the current "how to" video for manoeuvres. This is a very popular trend on Youtube

Recently, a number of our pupils have been researching this sort of thing on-line in between driving lessons and coming across all sorts of advice from would be gurus

To be fair, some of it is good, but not much. So we have updated our own videos and guides so that you can review and revise with 100% accurate content to match the way we teach and practice these manoeuvres on lessons

So bookmark this page or download the .pdf file, and you will always have access to the accurate information you need. New videos will be added weekly

21st Century Test Manoeuvres

Common rules for manoeuvres:

ALWAYS reverse slowly, stopping regularly to check the mirrors and blindspots by completing a FULL 360deg  check before re-starting or changing direction

DO NOT try to check the mirrors while reversing, YOU WILL NEGLECT the safety observations. SAVE YOURSELF MONEY by adopting this approach NOW

ENSURE that you have a plan of action BEFORE you start the manoeuvre ESPECIALLY if it is on the road

These rules apply to ALL MANOEUVRES and so are not unnecessarily repeated throughout the videos


Manoeuvre tips


No-one likes it. Some are competent, many are not. The test standard does not require you to squeeze your car into a tiny gap between 2 cars

Our "keep it simple" approach is a winner. Stick with the method and you will succeed

If you can count to 1, you can do this



This is probably the manoeuvre with the most variety of  methods that can be used. All are functional in their way and none are wrong, but some are excessively difficult

Our preference is for a technique which allows the driver to see where they are going BEFORE the reversing element begins

Our method for positioning the car is simple and we use it for more than one manoeuvre. it is simply "your nose to the middle". This just means that the position selected needs to be in line with your own nose. Not mirrors, not door handles, just use your nose


One of the newer test manoeuvres, when done to the test standard, is relatively easy

Done in a public car park, somewhere in the town, you will be asked to select a bay (on the right is easiest), drive in forwards and then reverse out (usually) in the opposite direction

As we teach, full lock and position with your nose for reverse parking, we stick to the formula to minimise the chance of confusion


"Pull over and park on the right" to give this manoevure it's full name

You WILL be asked to pull up on the left "somewhere safe" several times during your test. Maybe on a slope, or behind a parked car. This is simply to check your parking and moving away skills and observations

However, if and when you are asked to pull up on the right, you will need to take extra care as you are crossing traffic and will reverse once parked

The reverse element is for "2 car lengths (8m)" and then rejoin traffic when safe to do so (multiple window, mirror, and blind spot checks)