Lesson Plans

This page holds a gallery of graphics of the Grimsby area junctions and roundabouts to enhance your local knowledge

Although we call them lesson plans, they do not constitute a full lesson (although some are exceptional) but are designed to help you revise the topics that we cover during your training

The display detail is limited only by the size of screen you are viewing them on. So, a mobile phone makes the images quite small (screen size) but viewed on a laptop/desktop they are considerably bigger, even more so if you can mirror them to a large screen TV

These are being added to all the time. and are always being added to. It is difficult to take in and retain all the infomation in front of you while you're driving arounf the town on your lessons. Here you can study road signs, lane markings and techniques to navigate the harder traffic systems

You can download a PDF version to your device for use when you are offline (Latest version 25/08/2020)


Local Knowledge

Grimsby Junctions

The following slides (page 101 onwards) are graphic representations of some of the more difficult junctions and traffic systems in the local area. They are designed to give you clear information that is available on the road, but which may be difficult to process and remember when driving through the junction in real time

Not to scale, and signage may be positioned slightly differently on road, this is your learning resource to clarify lane markings and routes through when driving on lessons (or test!)

Some of these images can look very "busy" with all the coloured cars, but to avoid countless individual diagrams, the options have generally been split into 2 slides. The best technique is to follow 1 coloured car at a time through the junction in the chosen direction, and note the signage and road markings that will help you when you are on road

You can increase your understanding and gain better knowledge and experience by studying these layouts. How much you use them is your choice, but there is a huge potential to increase your knowledge, reduce faults on test and save lesson time and money

The next evolution of this section is to produce multi-view in-car videos, showing the car driving around the town and negotiating these junctions in the correct manner with a commentary. By producing these videos, we can offer you the ability to relate them to the slides of the junctions and emulate this information when tackling these junctions on your driving lessons or test. (The filming is not too difficult, but the post production is very time consuming, so please be patient ST 04/09/2020)

Click the button to download a pdf copy to your device and check regularly for updates to the file. Latest update  25/08/2020