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Welcome to 21st Century Driving, and as our name suggests, we are the refreshing, modern and progressive driving school you have been looking for. If you're after an hour a week so that your driver training takes what seems like forever, you're in the wrong place

Our ethos, is to train each individual, to the best of their ability, as soon as possible, in the least number of hours, which, by definition means, for the least amount of money. So if you're looking to 'get on' with your training and keeping the costs to a minimum, then here we go

How to begin your driving lessons in Grimsby

2420Why should you believe what you have just read? Well we don't suggest you need to take our word for it. What we offer is a minimal cost, non committal 2 hour assessment lesson for just £20.00p so you can see how we do things, You can find out about us, and we can assess you, and if you dont like what we can offer you, then you have had a very cheap practice session and are not committed to anything else

If you like what you see, as most people do, then you can start with us on any of our offers currently running. The assessment is a free standing driving lesson which does not affect your entitlement to any of our start up driving lesson offers

Grimsby driving lesson offers

So you've had you assessment, and now you want more. Well done !! You've now joined the 95% of our clients who sign up for training after taking the assessment. So what happens now ? Well that will all depend on your status.

36hr course logoIf you are an absolute beginner, we would normally recommend our 36 hour training programme. This driver training course is designed to take you to test readiness in 36 hours of driving lessons, over 3 modules. Committing to this course will reduce your hourly lesson rate by £2ph. You can find out more about this course by clicking on the link

If you are part trained, then your assessment will have set the level that your training to date has achieved. You may or may not be pleased to hear what we have to say about your driving, but you can rest assured that it will be an impartial, accurate and honest appraisal by a qualified assessor / mock test examiner, with the highest instructor grading

2016spring199offerSo to start you off, our spring offer this year is very simple. £199 for your first 10 hour block booking, (normally £220) FREE Theory practice registration and your first theory test fee FREE (normally £23) . This offeris available to ANYONE who is a beginner. No hidden fees, charges or terms and conditions (other than you having a driving licence!)

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Here at 21st Century Driving, we like to help our customers learn to drive as quickly as they are able, and to pass their driving test at the first attempt, and as soon as possible, whether it be in Grimsby, Scunthorpe, Louth or at any of the local driving test centres in Lincolnshire. So if you are a complete beginner, we will let you use your £20.00p as a deposit to move on to the 10 for £199 offer if that's what you want to do

Jenny passed her driving test after taking her driving lessons in Grimsby with 21st Century DrivingAt the end of that first session, we can discuss, how many driving lessons will be needed to pass your driving test and gain your driving licence. You can then decide on your starter offer, and we will even let you use your £20 as a deposit on the offer you choose if you like

In 2014/15, our 36hr training programme pupils took around 34 hours of training to test with two-thirds of them passing their test first time

Josh passed his driving test after taking his driving lessons in Grimsby with 21st Century Driving

Driving lessons should be geared to suit the customer, not the instructor, so if you are spending time on your lessons looking at books and pre-printed diagrams, you may be on the receiving end of a tired and lazy training programme. A well structured, dynamic lesson should develop around it's topics to meet the capabilities displayed by the learner during each lesson, recapping where necessary, and pushing on when circumstances permit

Too many driving instructors "only do 1 hour lessons". or hide behind the old fashioned concept that it takes 47 hours of lessons and 20 hours of practice to be ready for the driving test, and arrange training programmes to this timescale suit themselves rather than the needs of their customers

Karolina passed her driving test after taking her driving lessons in Grimsby with 21st Century DrivingYou may be tempted by driving schools advertising silly prices to get you hooked, but these are a false economy. If you take 13+ hours longer to train, you will end up paying more in the long run. Becoming a motorist is expensive enough without paying a premium for your driving lessons. You might also wonder how motivated the instructor might be when earning less than half his normal rate because of a "snare" offer

Consider taking a longer view on your driving lessons and their overall cost. £££ per hour against total cost of gaining your driving licence. 6 hours for £50 sounds great as a stand alone deal, but how much does the rest of your training cost. The "loss leader " is usually recovered somewhere along the line with increased lesson pricing or over-complicated terms and conditions

0 catrinaThat is why we stick to our principles of providing quality driving lessons in Grimsby, Louth and Scunthorpe at a reasonable price throughout the training programme, and use the minimum number of hours to get you to your goal. We offer our less than half price assessment/1st lesson - 2 hours for £20 to get you started and then all our lessons are competetively priced at £22 per hour


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Image of the new driving lessons grimsby 21st century driving training car and offer covering Immingham, Louth and ScunthorpeSo why should you choose one driving school over another. Size is a distinct disadvantage. The bigger the school, the smaller you are and you can be lost in the numbers being churned around in the admin machine. Who do you think are the larger driving schools main customers? Certainly not you, their main concern is keeping their instructors busy so that they can pay their fees to the school every week. This means that you (the learner) are a secondary customer they have to deal with to keep their primary customers (the instructors) supplied with work. Not feeling so special now are you? How many people know that BSM is now owned and operated by the AA???

There are a number of obvious reasons people quote in answer to this one but the underlying reasons behind their choices can be, and more often than not, be flawed

old bsm training carThey've been around a long time  This may be true and there's nothing wrong with a good reputation, in fact it is one of the cornerstones of business, but the driving school that taught your Mum to drive no longer exists. Sure the name is there, but all the people have moved on or retired so the driving school of yesteryear may not even exist anymore

90s familyI only took 12 hours of driving lessons with xxxx driving school  Anyone who passed their test more than 20 years ago (which probably includes your Mum and Dad) would be able to say much the same thing. The Driving Test (and consequently driving lessons) have changed beyond recognition in that time and driver training programmes have also changed to meet the needs of the learner achieving competence in todays challenging road and traffic conditions

piggy-bankBecause xxxx driving school only charge £xx per hour  Probably the biggest mistake most people make is to fall for an offer or a price per hour that they think will save them money. How many hours, how much and how long are ALL important factors to consider to reach the real cost of your driving lessons. 36 x £20 against 45 x £17 is not a difficult calculation to make



Image of driving lessons grimsby 21st century driving training car

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