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Image of www.21stcenturydriving.co.uk for driving lessons and tuition in Grimsby, Immingham, Louth, Scunthorpe, HullSo why make us your driving school of choice? what makes us stand out from the crowd? Our lessons are ALL planned to enable YOU to achieve set goals on each lesson leading to your eventual test readiness. So it makes sense that following a format of set lessons cannot suit everyone. We all learn in different ways, and at different speeds
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The only thing we ask you to commit to is a 2hr assessment lesson to check out your skills. That means you have the chance to assess us and decide whether you think we are the driving school for you. We align our driving lessons with your targets so you are always involved with planning your training programme and test dates
Before we even meet for your first driving lesson, we have prepared an initial training programme specifically based on the information you have already given us. So if you tell us that you have had 5 to 10hrs of training, your assessment will be provisionally planned to start on the edge of town, and include an out of town circular route that will lead on to a town drive when we get back depending on the ability displayed. You WILL NOT be sitting, listening and looking at books and diagrams, or driving around a car park. We do this simply because this is the level our new starters will be expected to be at
If you have had 20+ hours of training, your assessment lesson will be more in line with a Mock Test, with an educated, analytical and experienced instructor who has been qualified to do this type of assessment for years
It is our goal (and our normal practice) to teach you to drive in as few lessons as are necessary for you to be prepared for your driving test and pass it first time. This keeps your driver training costs to a minimum. This is the cheapest way to learn to drive. Not cheap driving lessons, but fewer, and more cost effective
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Our popular 36hr training programme is the key to our success. The course has been designed and perfected over the years to give you a structured driver training programme that will enhance your chances of passing your driving test at the first attempt. It will cover everything you need to know and more to enable YOU to deliver on the day, and beyond
Split into 3 modules to make it easy to monitor progress, the 36hr programme is designed to run over 12 weeks, but can be tailored to suit the individual's needs, timescales and financial circumstances

How long does it take to learn to drive?

45 hours of lessons and 20 hours of practice is the tired old adage once printed by the DSA (now the DVSA) as the "average" pupil's training requirement. That was years ago, long before more up to date training methods were developed that are now used by the best driving instructors. Now with the internet, and all the techie training stuff it drops into your lap(top), information is more readily available.

Here at 21st Century Driving we don't get bogged down in how things used to be done. Our course is targetted to run over a 12 week period. It starts with one 2hr lesson per week for 6 weeks, by which time the learner needs to have passed the theory test to enable a practical test booking to be made.

During weeks 7 - 12 the lessons are increased to two 2hr lessons per week with a Mock Test target at week 10

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This format has a proven track record over the last 6 years and is our most popular package and has an estimated cost of between £600 and £750 depending on current offers and how you choose to pay.

That means and old fashioned die hard driving school would have to charge you an average of £13.75p per hour for their 47hrs (minimum) of lessons to get anywhere near our best price.

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Whether you want to pass your driving test in Scunthorpe, Grimsby, or Louth, we are in a position to help you achieve your goal of getting your driving licence.

Send us an Instant Message NOW So it's time to take action. Click on either the booking or enquiry links  and we will make your dreams come true.

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