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About Steve Thompson DVSA-ADI

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Born in Grimsby (some time ago), I went to Wintringham Grammar School as it was then, after which I started work on Immingham docks in a shipping agency. After a VARIED career that involved jobs ranging from publican to project management, I joined BSM in 2003 and trained to be a driving instructor. During my time with BSM, I became their Senior Instructor and Mock Test Examiner covering their Norfolk area

In 2006, I created 21st Century Driving to run alongside my BSM franchise with a view to developing a dynamic system of driving lessons that would enable learners to play a more active role in their training, and have some control over how long their training would take, and how much it would cost. By expanding my own training and development, I believe I now have an extraordinary skillset not achieved by the average driving instructor

For you, this means that you are engaging with a driver trainer with a lot more to offer

Learning to drive will be a process where you will be professionally looked after at every level by a trainer with multiple qualifications to do so

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