2 hours for £35 - Is this the cheapest driving lesson in Grimsby

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Why an assessment?

Well Done!! You have found your way to our cheapest driving lesson. We are so confident you will like what you see when you are with us, that we offer a half price "try before you buy" 2 hour 1st lesson / Assessment session. If at the end of the session you don't like what's on offer, then you simply walk away having had 2 hours tuition for £35 ...

Click on the button to book the session through the trusted PAYPAL system, and we get back to you within 24hrs to arrange the time and date of your assessment. If you didn't like the experience, the instructor or the car you simply don't book any more lessons... but when you've seen what we do and how we do it, you will want more, and the great news is that this assessment offer does not stop you from taking advantage of any other pricing offers

Lots of driving schools offer many different types of start up deals, some are short, some are longer. Ours is all in the first session, £35.00p off, all in one go, and you will have been graded by a QUALIFIED assessor and driving instructor

After the initial assessment, you will be informed of suitable training programmes, estimates and timescales of how your training could proceed, all designed to fit in with your own requirements and targets. No-one wants a fixed course of must do's that is meant to suit everyone. With us, your training is holistic and tailored around you and your personal requirements (DVSA test waiting times permitting)

So now is the time to commit 2 hours of your time and £35.00p of your money. That's all we ask, then, and only then, when we've done the assessment, and seen each others capabilities, will we discuss the important questions of the length and cost of your training programme