Cheap driving lessons don't work. Win with quality and 21st Century Driving, Grimsby

cheap driving lessons dont work2


21cspinningballThere are many driving schools offering silly price start-up deals on driving lessons that seem to save a few pounds initially, but are full of hidden terms and conditions

We invite you to read on if you are interested in saving some serious money on your driving lessons in Grimsby, Scunthorpe and North East Lincolnshire

We can offer you the potential to save hundreds of pounds on your driving lessons with our online training facilities, giving you the ability to revise and study between your in-car lessons

The time you spend using these facilities translates directly into time saved in the car, whatever your capacity to remember the technicalities of driving

In fact the harder you find it to remember the technical details, the bigger the possible savings

As an example, the test manoeuvre bay parking for instance, (remember you only do 1 of the 4 you have to learn), usually takes no more than a minute to complete, which represents around 2.5% of your driving test. Yet MOST people want to spend far more time than this on their driving lessons perfecting their technique,  resulting in less practice in their general driving which suffers pro rata

In reality MOST people spend MOST of their manoeuvre practice time trying to remember how it's done, so they're paying to remember not necessarily to practice, and after 2 or 3 attempts with their memories suitably "jogged" they execute a reasonable reverse. This is not only pointless (you only get one chance on test day), but it is COSTING YOU EXTRA MONEY

Our methods will enable you to achieve this level of competence sooner and at less cost IF you use the online facilities and our practice methods as a substitute to expensive in car "memory jogging" you will be getting it "right 1st time" every time and leave yourself with much more driving time each lesson

Here at 21st Century Driving, ALL our learner drivers have this facility provided FREE OF CHARGE to enhance their learning experience. This is why our learners go to test on average 10hrs before the DSA recommended training hours. This could save you up to £250.00p or more over the course of your driver training. Click HERE to view a sample page on our training website