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Hi Mum

3 birthdays this month. George was on the 7th, mine on the 10th and last but not least, Jack was 18 on 13th. Managed to get a few pics when his Mum brought his presents round, but not the 18th birthday normally organised because of restrictions

All the painting in the garden is finished and the grass is back under control. Think I need to get one of those kites to scare the pidgeons and seagulls away. No sooner had I finished the painting and  they were sitting back on the fence leaving their mess all over it again, what a waste of time

I have left my skype and facetime details with the office, and said they can call anytime and see if we can get a videocall sorted out. No sign of going back to work yet, looking like late June at the moment, which will make it 3 months, very disappointing

If you need anything in particular, get someone to message me and I will sort it out. I am literally guessing what you need on a weekly basis, so any requests, and I will do my best

Hope to see you soon

Steve & Jack

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Hi Mum

Nothing much has changed. Still "grounded" by the lockdown that the whole country is in. Getting a bit monotonous now

Everyone has had to get used to queueing at the shops that are allowed to be open, food shops and supermarkets mainly. Some have introduced "one-way" systems around the store, so if you miss something that you wanted, you have to queue to go around again, or go without until next time

Managed to finish the left hand fence before running out of paint, but the bottom and right hand side will have to wait until I can get some more. After all the rain through the winter, we have now had the driest April in years and the grass is looking a bit parched

One of the fence posts on the driveway snapped at the bottom during a very windy night, but I had a word with Pietr next door, and I bought the new post and he and his workmate put it in yesterday, so good as new, just needs a bit of paint (doesn't everything !)

I keep bringing you goody bag once a week, but it's all guesswork. If there's something you need, you could ask Lin or someone to message me and I will get it for you

Hope to see you soon

Steve & Jack

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Hi Mum

Hope you're keeping OK and have been getting your essentials I have been dropping off for you

Had some nice weather recently so we managed to get the back garden finished. Now just got to paint the fence, when I can get hold of the right paint for it. It's very restricted what we're allowed to buy at the moment so it's food shopping only. All the other shops are closed and Grimsby and everywhere else is like a ghost town

3 weeks isolation now so starting to get bored with not working. We will come to see you just as soon as it's allowed, but this morning the news said this could carry on until the end of May !! Running out of things to do, will do a bit of decorating when we're allowed to buy some paint. Restricted to essential food shopping at the moment

See you soon, hopefully

Steve & Jack


Hi Mum

It's 7 days since I last worked and everything is fine. I called at the Grange last Friday and left some things for you. I will do the same later today (Thursday)

Jack is staying with me through all this, which is just as well I think. We are both fit and healthy at the moment, and I have managed to keep us fed and watered, although the queues at the supermarkets are getting longer every day

We have been working on the gardens during the good weather and I have put some pictures on here to show you how we're getting on

We have been busy (25/03/2020)


Front Garden

Back Garden

Flowers under window

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Anyway, looks like this is all going to continue for 3 months or so. I think it won't be long before people think they can break to rules, but at the moment EVERYONE is supposed to stay at home

I have signed up for the NHS volunteer service, delivering medication and parcels and stuff. They asked for 250,000 and got 500,000 in one day, so there are plenty of good people willing to help

Everyone in the family is OK at the moment, I have just spoken to Madge. Linda rings every other day, and Glynis and Dave send their love

Will add to this page to keep you up to date regularly, and I will come and see you as soon as i'm allowed

Stephen XXX