Hi Mum

It's 7 days since I last worked and everything is fine. I called at the Grange last Friday and left some things for you. I will do the same later today (Thursday)

Jack is staying with me through all this, which is just as well I think. We are both fit and healthy at the moment, and I have managed to keep us fed and watered, although the queues at the supermarkets are getting longer every day

We have been working on the gardens during the good weather and I have put some pictures on here to show you how we're getting on

We have been busy (25/03/2020)


Front Garden

Back Garden

Flowers under window

  • 20200326_091808
  • 20200326_091814
  • 20200327_095306
  • 20200326_091439

Anyway, looks like this is all going to continue for 3 months or so. I think it won't be long before people think they can break to rules, but at the moment EVERYONE is supposed to stay at home

I have signed up for the NHS volunteer service, delivering medication and parcels and stuff. They asked for 250,000 and got 500,000 in one day, so there are plenty of good people willing to help

Everyone in the family is OK at the moment, I have just spoken to Madge. Linda rings every other day, and Glynis and Dave send their love

Will add to this page to keep you up to date regularly, and I will come and see you as soon as i'm allowed

Stephen XXX

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