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The examiners have expressed possible intent to "refuse for test" any car that has been seen conducting driving lessons without masks. Whether they can do this or not is irrelevent as the booking time/date will have passed

Looking at what is happening in other sectors, it is "possible" that future requirements for test may include same day LFT negative test evidence, vaccination proof or even covid passports, so be ready

Seasons greetings everyone. Due to the perculiar circumstances of the last 18 months, our normal policy of discouraging tests around Xmas and the New Year has gone out of the window which leaves an almost unmanageable diary

My annual 2 week break at this time is a long forgotten casualty, but even so, this does not solve everything. With 6 tests up to the end of January, these candidates have taken the priority bookings

Below you will see current availability is very heavily booked with priority being given to those with tests booked in Dec/Jan (6)

For those of you with tests in Feb/Mar please consider arranging your final lesson plan as soon as possible, and PLEASE dont leave it too late! I already have 3 tests booked in May