Hygiene Procedures

Keeping you safe


What Can You Do?

It is a good idea for everyone to wash their hands before and after driving, and ensure that they have access to hygiene products to wipe down the many common contact points when getting in and out of a vehicle every time it is used

That is good advice for anyone. For your lessons with us you are required to wash your hands prior to pick-up and bring your face covering  with you when we meet, and of course wash your hands again when you return home. There will be hand sanitiser in the car at all times should it be required

Common touchpoints

The common surfaces are some of the more difficult to clean. Not hard to clean in themselves, but the sheer number of makes them easy to miss

So we have checklisted ALL of the internal and external surfaces that need attention between lessons, and BEFORE we commence the fogging procedure at the end of the day

This 2 pronged approach is how we do our utmost to ensure everything has had the necessary attention and that the car is presented as hygienically clean as we can possibily make it for EVERY lesson

Looking at these 2 images, gives you visual and listed representations of what needs cleaning prior to the fogging process

The cleandown between lessons without fogging takes around 30 minutes. Used cleaning materials are removed from the vehicle and disposed of prior to departure for the next lesson

Thermal fog deodorising is the best way to completely sanitise and deodorise any room or vehicle, (infact any enclosed area) and leave it with a long lasting freshness, whilst eliminating any germs, bacteria, spores and viruses that are airborne or lingering on carpets,  upholstery and any other car fixture or fitting. ALL surfaces will be treated and by running the air ventilation system on maximum during the process, even the impossible to reach internal pipework will be fogged, sanitised & germ free. The new fogging chemical protects the surfaces for 48 hours, but we use it after lessons every day, so well within it's tolerance

This process takes 30 minutes from start to finish with a further 15 minutes to "air" the car with the doors and windows open

So after 90 minutes the car is ready for the next day. As all cleaning is conducted at home base, the are an additional 2 x 15 minute travel windows returning from the previous and getting to the next lesson

This is why we have a one hour gap between our scheduled lessons