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The Car Dealership Proposal  

Here at 21st Century Driving we are continually looking for ways we can improve our services to existing and new customers both in and outside the motor trade.

With this in mind we have developed our dealership scheme to enable you to increase your flexibility at the point of sale, and to increase the perceived value of the deals and offers you provide for your customers.

The main criteria were to provide you with a hassle free, added value service which does not impact on your daily activities or increase the workload on your staff, but increases your options when trying to close a purchase with a customer.

So the brief was clear. Keep it simple, transparent, ensure added value and no hassle for you, and have the service provided by a professional, reputable local driving school.

ALL of your customers taking up this offer will be taught by a top grade 6 instructor, with a current DVSA licence to teach learners, and a fleet qualification to provide the more advanced training a qualified driver might want, backed up by an enhanced CRB check.

As outlined in our letter, some dealership franchises and larger independents are now offering driving lessons and courses as part of there 'point of sale' incentives.

These vary from 'starter' or 'refresher' packs to full on courses designed to teach a new driver from the start all the way up to test. The level of training offered is no doubt in line with the value of the vehicle to which the incentive is applied.

The value of this type of offer is both unique and distinctive to the family and the first car buyer as it offers something that might not have yet crossed their mind. Imagine the appeal if either the husband or wife doesn't drive. With this sort of incentive their new car purchase become more 'our' and less 'your' new car.

The Spouse

Kevin Mohee

A husband or wife that might want to learn to drive

Son, Daughter or Grandkids


At some point they all want to learn to drive

If there are teenagers in the family, chances are that funding their driving lessons hasn't cropped up yet, and may even be less likely if the new family car limits future spending.

The promise of what are perceived to b


The 'free driving lessons' offer is a powerful way to encourage your customers to buy. With Grand-parents, it is an effective way of providing a fantastic 17th birthday present which will give their loved ones a valuable life skill and keep them safe.

There is no time limit on when lessons start. We will not become involved until you place the order for lessons with us. Whether you impose a time restriction is entirely your choice.

Product Offer Retail Value Cost to you Product Details
  Perceived Cost    
Starter/Refresher Pack £100 £75   5 hours of on road training
10hr Lesson Pack £200 £150 10 hours of on road training
20hr Lesson Pack £400  £300  20 hours of on road training 
All inclusive pack  £900 £700  40hrs of lessons + 1 free theory test + 1 free driving test


Further specialised packages can be prepared by arrangement, but the examples above represent a cross section of what can be arranged.


If you want to take advantage of this offer and set up a bespoke arrangement please feel free to call/email/write to organise a consultation


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