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Here you can find additional information on popular topics. Feel free to send your questions to us through the normal channels

It was the intention to supply these item based on bulk buying them, but after extensive research it was not going to be a "one size fits all" scenario, and by asking you to source your own masks and gloves you will at least have the choice of what you wear (multiple sizes of gloves and masks would cost in excess of £250 if they could be sourced at all in the UK as most suppliers are prioritising NHS supply.

Hand gel, disposable seat covers and other cleaning products  will still be sourced and supplied by us as will the necessary modifications to the car


This is in line with the "Road Map" issued by the government on 10/05/20 which itself is non-specific, but it is safe to say that we need to be able to break the current social distancing advice of staying 2m apart

Many of you have yet to pass your theory tests. I have had some information that Theory Tests will be available for booking very soon. I must stress that this was not from an official source

For those of you who are learning manoeuvres refesh your memory here:

Electronic payment is to avoid either of us handling cash while we are wearing our PPE 

A lot of you already do this, but if you need details of how to arrange this please get in touch and we can organise it for you. Most banks have mobile apps, so a transfer is easy to set up. We can take on-line payments through the website using the PayPal portal (You do not need a PayPal account)

Update 28/05/2020

Hi everyone,

Big update this week, lots of things to consider so I will send this information to you all via email. If you do not receive the email by Saturday, please email me at [email protected] because it may be I have an invalid or even no email address for you. OK here we go:


The NHS test and trace (T&T) process begins today (28/05/2020). This is one of the main lock-down easing methods, and it is how tracing contacts with (possibly) infected people will currently be done. In normal circumstances we would only share any of your personal information with official bodies such as the DVSA, police or insurance companies when asked to do so, but under the T&T system, I WOULD BE REQUIRED to release details of anyone that I had been in contact with during a certain period so that the T&T system could contact you to follow the trace. More details will be available on this as they are released, but it will have been operating for 4-5 at least before we re-start so people will become more aware of the system

  • CovidProtocols.png
  • CleaningCheck.png
  • RiskAssessment.png


The new lesson process will be trialled over the next few weeks, as I have an existing pupil who is a key worker and has a test booked soon. I foresee no real issues as the car is a very high specification and we may indeed start using some of its voice control functions during the lesson, but it’s the face masks which may make communicating awkward so instruction phrasing may be adjusted on an ongoing basis if difficulties present themselves

The risk assessment has been designed and will be completed at the start of each lesson, cleaning procedures are in place and have been tested. There will be some recording of details before and after the lesson. This is to create a paper trail should it be needed in the future for the T&T system and to prove due diligence

The cleaning process, and the time it takes to complete has had a severe impact on the number of lessons available each week reducing slots to 2 per day (under ongoing review) These will currently be 0930 - 1130 and 1330 – 1530 on Monday to Friday. For those of you who prefer 1 hour lessons, the best alternative would be to consider taking 1 lesson every 2 weeks if cost is an issue for you. (It is not feasible to spend 2 hours preparing the car to do a 1 hour lesson)


Many of you already pay for your lessons by block booking, but for those that don’t, you can set us up a new payee in your mobile banking app or click the button below. This will take you to our secure PayPal portal where you can make your payment (your details are not stored on our website) by selecting  your preferred payment from the drop down list,  Please try and make your payment at least 24hrs before your lesson


No. You can re-start your lessons when you feel comfortable to do so, however, with only 10 lesson slots currently available, they need to be filled. Your details will be kept on file and you can re-start whenever you are ready. This would be subject to availability


The current target date based on current information is Monday 6th July. It is proposed to give you all your original preferred lesson slots, but as you can see from the diary layout, some are just not available anymore

Please contact us with your availability and try to give as many options as possible as we will do our best to please everyone, but some compromises will have to be made


Lesson pick ups will need to be from home so that you can prepare. Make sure that you include the following:

  • Visit the bathroom
  • Wear comfortable and appropriate clean clothing for the conditions on the day including eyewear
  • Thoroughly wash your hands, put on your mask and gloves
  • Avoid contact with anyone before you come out to the car
  • Answer the questions you will be asked before each lesson

After the lesson, you will be dropped off back at home as normal. There will be the facility to leave your PPE for safe disposal, or you can do it yourself if you prefer. Please do not consider re-using PPE that is designed for single use

Please remember that although these measures are designed to protect us both during the lesson, their primary function is to prevent the spread of COVID-19 so it is OUR responsibility to adhere to them


Update - Thursday 21/5/20

Hi Everyone

This update is similar in nature to the last one with 3 important changes regarding driving lessons

The first is that there has been a revision to the lesson protocols regarding PPE (personal protective equipment). In the initial protocol, I had intended to supply the PPE in the car. Unfortunately this is not going to be possible for a number of reasons, so the revision is that YOU will need to provide YOUR OWN facemask and gloves. (More details in the FAQ post)

The second is that in the last 10 days, it has been made clear from a number of sources that ONLY key workers WITH a test booking should be given lessons to prepare for it

Finally, as of this morning, the clearest indication of a re-start date is the 4th July, when it is proposed to lift a variety of restrictions and in line with "personal" (social distance breaking) services like Hairdressers etc. who come into close proximity with their clients as we are when in the car (The situation is fast changing and we will respond to any positive changes)

Updated lesson protocols are included in this update. You can download a copy of the image on the right, alternatively click the button below if you would rather have the file in PDF format

Please check back here for regular updates regarding lessons re-starting and revised lesson availability, and of course do call, message or email if you have any questions

07736389636            [email protected]


21st Century Driving

Update - Mon 11/5/20

Hi Everyone

The Prime Ministers’ announcement yesterday has left a lot of people wondering exactly what we are, or not allowed to do, where we can do it, with whom and for how long. In his speech, one of the highlights was that he said that “if you cannot work from home you should return to work”

Now some will interpret that as a clear GO signal. Others (like myself) will focus on the pre-existing conditions like social distancing, and on that basis our lessons WILL NOT re-start until Monday 1st June AT THE EARLIEST. (PPE stocks permitting). This date is in line with the DVSA Theory Test date notice. As an industry, driving tuition is not unique in the problems it faces in deciding whether it is yet safe to restart lessons but the Theory Test guideline is the best thing I can think of to align with

However, given the nature of the environment inside the car, the primary issue I have struggled to find a solution for is keeping that space safe for everyone. After spending quite some time over the last few weeks working on this issue I have found that the additional preparation time is required in order to fully prepare the car for each lesson

In order to create time during the day for some of these protocols to be carried out, there will be some loss of lesson slots, and the times/days of the available slots may need to be more fixed as the time allocated for travel and car preparation may be anywhere from 1½ to 2 hours

Proposed new lesson protocols are included in this update. You can download a copy of the image on the right, alternatively click the button below if you would rather have the file in PDF format

Please check back here for regular updates regarding lessons re-starting and revised lesson availability, and of course do call, message or email if you have any questions

07736389636            [email protected]


21st Century Driving

DVSA Latest

If you want to read the latest communication fro the DVSA to driving instructors click the button below (opens in new page)

Update - Weds 6/5/20

Hello Everyone

I hope you are all keeping well as this lock-down seems interminable

It would appear that we are looking at a further extension with the PM making an announcement this Sunday (10th May). This being the case, lessons will NOT be re-starting next week, but after Sunday’s announcement I will update this page again. That update will hopefully include a revised re-start date and the new lesson guidance protocols which will outline the way lessons will probably be conducted going forward

In order to create time during the day for some of these to be carried out, there will be some loss of lesson slots and the times of the available slots may need to be more fixed as the time allocated for travel and car preparation may be anywhere from 1½ to 2 hours

Please check back here for regular updates regarding lessons re-starting and revised lesson availability


21st Century Driving

Update - Friday 16/4/20

Hello Everyone

We conducted our last driving lesson on Thursday 19th March 2020

Over the following few days, the Covid-19 situation worsened and on Monday 20th March, we took the decision to suspend lessons until 30th April. Later that week, on Thursday 23rd March the government's “recommendation” was changed to an instruction, for the bulk of the population stay at home 

It was declared yesterday afternoon that the government “lockdown” has been extended for "at least" a further 3 weeks to 7th May when it will be subject to further review. As you can see from the graphic this means our projected restart date of 30th April is no longer possible, albeit by only one week

The governments latest possible restart date is Thursday 7th May. If this is not extended any further, we would propose to re-start lessons on Monday 11th May

What is possible, is that when the restrictions are lifted, there may be a graduated or step by step return to normality. That being the case, there is likely to be some sort of prioritisation as to who can return to work and when, however this is all currently uncertain

For those of you who have a driving test “in the system”, I will call you early next week and discuss your individual circumstances. My lesson diary is still in Ghost Mode where regular appointment slots are being maintained for you all in the relative positions they were before the shutdown so that we are in a position to re-start your training as soon as it is possible to do so

In the meantime, if anyone has any changes to their circumstances that may affect this, please let me know


Steve – 21st Century Driving

Update - Monday 6th April 2020

Hope you and your families are keeping safe and well during this difficult and challenging time

Not too much to add to the situation at this stage. The current date for resuming lessons has not changed, and remains 30th April 2020, but as you can see, the image is prepared to extend into May

However, the situation is very dynamic, just like approaching a roundabout. Lots of things need weighing up as we get closer to that date, and we will of course be adhering to all government and medical guidelines and recommendations

If you have any holidays or breaks in your training during May/June/July, please let us know so that I can include these in the forwarding planning of our own booking system. We are currently not taking on new pupils, but be assured that your place in our schedule is guaranteed

At present the DVSA booking systems for theory and practical tests are closed and look to remain so for some time

We can be contacted by all the usual channels during the lockdown




Sunday 22/03/2020

Good Morning Everyone

Further to the survey of all of our current active pupils yesterday, we have taken the decision to  SUSPEND ALL LESSONS UNTIL 30/04/2020

Without going into details, there was an overwhelming response to suspend lessons for this period and so as a responsible driving school, we have chosen to support the governments plea to adhere to social distancing guidelines

We will endeavour to maintain our diary with your regular lesson slots recommencing on the week beginning Monday 04/05/2020 at this stage (subject to guidelines)

In the meantime, we would encourage any of you who are studying for your theory test (unavailable for booking at the moment), too take the opportunity to take the opportunity to practice hard to maximise the chances of passing at the first (next) attempt so that we can get you booked into the practical test system, which will, no doubt, have a lengthy waiting list when they resume (If we can help with links or video calls please get in touch)

If anyone needs their individual position clarifying you can reach me on the following:

Phone/Text:  07736 389636

Email:  [email protected]


Be careful, and be lucky



Saturday 21/03/2020

Hello Everyone

In view of the current situation, we need to clarify the way we propose to continue delivering driving lessons to those who wish to carry on with their training

Firstly, anyone who wishes to suspend lessons needs only reply SUSPEND to 07736389636 and their lessons will be suspended until 30/04/20 at which point we will review the situation. We assure you that if this your choice, we guarantee we will restart your training when you are ready

To continue lessons you will need to:

Reply CONTINUE to 07736389636 and their lessons will carry on as normal. You will then need to agree to:

Wash your hands immediately BEFORE you come out to the car

If you develop any of the symptoms of Corona Virus or to your knowledge have been in contact with anyone who has, you MUST let us know as soon as possible and we can arrange to suspend your lessons. There will be no late cancellation penalty for this

We will ensure that we:

Present the car as clean as possible

Wipe down any driver contact surfaces with wipes after arriving to collect you

Discontinue lessons if government guidelines/instructions tell us to do so (in the same way as the pubs and restaurants were told yesterday)

Minimise training hours to reduce social contact to a minimum

By adopting these working practices, we hope to continue to deliver the lessons you require and keep your training on track.

Thanks for your understanding


21st Century Driving

(Pending further developments, these conditions are subject to change, possibly at very short notice)