Block Booking your driving lessons in Grimsby

Because of the higher values involved, we do not take block booking discounts through our on-site Paypal payment system, due to the charges incurred

All block booking or module payments can be made in cash, by cheque or by direct bank transfer. Arrangements can be made with us via direct communication on your lessons as we do not publish and payment/bank details on the website other than the Paypal option

Block bookings have all sorts of advantages for both the learner and the instructor. The ability to forward plan and get lessons booked into our busy diary system means that you will know exactly when your lessons are well in advance. To reward you for your committment, we offer you a £2.00p per hour discount which reduces your costs by £20.00p

You can, if you want, pay the full price (£240.00p) and take your reward as a free hour (value £24.00p), it is entirely up to you

The size of the block you buy increases the rewards, so a 20hr block reduces the lesson rate even further by £3.00p per hour, and a 30hr block by £4.00p per hour

If you have any questions regarding these, or any other offers please send your questions to us through any of the on-site links