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Vitalijs came to us for help with his driving test preparation. He had a lot of skill and experience, but some retraining was required

So we designed a short programme of lessons and after only 12 hours with us Vitalijs passed his driving test 1st time in Grimsby

Lewis had a problem. test day booked, ready to go, and then his instructor let him down. He called us in a bit of a panic

So we did an assessment, he was good enough, and with just 4hrs prep, Lewis took his test and passed, with ease

Sara enrolled on our 36hr programme as a novice. Starting in Oct 2014, she wanted to pass by Feb 2015 as she was having a baby

The 36hr programme suited her perfectly, and when test day came, Sara was on top form and passed 1st time bang on target


Lawrence was recommended to us by another pupil who lived close by. He tried the 2hr assessment and immediately signed on with us

18 weeks later, with a regular 2 hour lesson slot every week he passed his driving test 1st time at the Grimsby test centre with just 34 more hours of training. Anoher satisfied customer