Area Coverage

Our general area is NE Lincs, predominantly providing driving lessons in Grimsby and Cleethorpes, but we can and do cover some of the outlying areas by prior arrangement. Please feel free to make an enquiry and we will try to meet your requirements.

It is worth considering the cost savings available if you can arrange your lessons on days when you might be in one of the Test Centre towns for other reasons. It is also worth thinking about the length of each lesson and how this can have a positive impact on the overall cost of your driver training

With this strategy, most personal situations can be catered for. So whether it is a 2 hr lesson before work, a 90 minute lunchtime lesson, or a longer lesson during test preparation taking you out of town and home afterwards, there is nothing we say no to, as long as it is planned well ahead

Just as planning is a fundamental part of modern driving, by using careful and strategic lesson planning, it is possible to maximise the learning process at the same time as minimising the financial impact of your driving lessons. To do this requires the committment and flexibility of both the driving school and the pupil. A variety of lesson times, and pick up/drop off points can reduce the commute section that may be part of the driving lesson, as well as making for more availability on the part of the pupil.  

We actively encourage variety in our training programmes. If you want to know why, you could ask one of your friends who has been having a 1hr lesson every week for a year or more. Chances are they will not book a test until they change instructor. 1hr lessons simply don't work when you are trying to master modern driving, just ask any successful instructor  

Our reply would be that you want to be able to drive anywhere and anytime when you pass your test, and not just for an hour a week on a Thursday lunchtime

Whatever works for you is the way forward, and that is the way we will plan for your test preparation

One of the ways we will do this is by varying the time,day and length of your driving lessons whenever possible. A side benefit of this is that you can test your skills in another town on the longer lessons  

So click the button and leave a message. Become part of our ever growing group of successful clients who have passed their driving test and gone on to be competent, confident drivers