Useful links for learners

Websites you might need to find

Click on the images below and a new window will take you directly to the website you are looking for

If you need to apply for a first provisional driving licence, this link will take you directly to the .GOV.UK website where you can apply online, You may need to apply for a government gateway ID, but this is simple enough, and you will need to have one for future dealings with most .GOV.UK services

If you are one of our customers, you will have a free membership to this theory training website. If you are not currently learning with us, you can still access the website through this link, but you will have to pay for your own registration

This kink will allow you to access the .GOV website version of the Highway Code

You will need an internet connection to use this link and you will use your data allowances if you are on a mobile device

You may wish to use the download link to the right to avoid these conditions

This is a free download link to the official Highway Code website so that you can store your own copy for when you may be offline (You will need a reliable PDF reader to use this)

You can download a FREE PDF READER by clicking the link for the Adobe download direct from their website (Be sure to deselect the additional files in the centre section)

Click here to book your theory test, when you are ready. Make sure that you are ready for the test, and fully understand what is expected of you

Click here to check or change or cancel your theory test. You can do this up to 3 clear working days before your booking, after that you will lose your money if you do not take the test

Click here to book your practical driving test. We provide this service free of charge for our customers to ensure there are no double bookings and the car is available for your test

Click here to book your practical driving test. Again, we manage test bookings for the same reasons. It is well worth considering that an earlier test booking does not necessarily mean you will get your licence sooner. It could result in the opposite

There are many useful videos to help you on the DVSA Youtube channel. Click here for more information on theory and driving tests and other aspects of learning to drive

Accompanying a Learner Driver is quite common for parents and relations. This website will give you some good information , but it is worth discussing with your instructor before you start