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learner-centre bgHello and welcome to our FREE learner information resource. This page is designed to answer most of the questions that you have buzzing around in your head about driving lessons and related topics. Although this page covers some of the information that is most frequently requested, we have no doubt that there will be some visitors who need further information. Please don't leave this site without the information you need. You can call, text, email, FB message, Tweet or even send a carrier pigeon with your question, and we will get an answer to you as soon as we can. When you are looking for an experienced, friendly and reliable driving instructor serving Scunthorpe, Grimsby and the local region, look no further than 21st Century Driving.

So why do 21st Century Driving have a FREE learner resource page. Well, anyone can learn to drive in Grimsby or anywhere else for that matter, but we all learn in different ways, and most people like to do their research so they can make best use of their time in the car once they have committed to a training programme

Image of figures showing anyone can learn to drive in Grimsby or anywhere

 So this is your first insight into how we have adapted the way we teach. We like to provide as much information as we can to support our learners, whether that be on these free pages, or on our in depth training website which can be viewed at All of our learners enjoy FREE ACCESS to this and our online theory training website for the duration of their training with us. This is one of the ways we can save you some real money, by giving you FREE facilities to help during your training.

Some of what you will find here is readily available all over the internet but a lot isn't. Having it here all in one place makes for an easier and more accessible resource. We aim to provide all website visitors with as much free information as we can, and make sure it is as accurate as possible, but some things are beyond our control.


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It is worth mentioning that for any of the following links to work you will need to be connected to the internet. We check these links regularly, but if you have an issue with any of them please report it to us and we will rectify the fault. Thankyou

The last link is the examiners guide to marking a driving test. It is a 350+ page document, and no one is expected to read it all. It is worth reading as much as you can, particularly sections where you think you may have a weakness. If you have any doubts regarding this, consult your instructor









Next we have some useful videos from the DVSA about the testing process :-

Taking your theory test

Taking your driving test

Taking your instructor on test

Independent Driving




quizzielizzieHow fast can I pass my test ?

driving lessons grimsby c21roundThe timescale is all down to you, and how much time, effort and financial resources you can put into a training programme. It's no good wanting to do 35 hours of training in a week if you haven't got the money or cannot get the time off work.

Think it through with a friend or family member you trust. What is the reason for your urgency? Have you got the time? Can you afford it?

If you still have a deadline then we can accomodate any timescale you may have. So there you have your answer. How fast can YOU be ready 

quizzielizzieHow much is your cheapest lesson ?

driving lessons grimsby c21roundNOTHING, but you won't get many for that price. Our standard lesson rate is £20 per hour. There are various packages that will save you money, and we have a number of learning facilities and techniques that cost you nothing, which if used correctly will save you so much money that what you pay for your lessons will become irrelevant.

A serious check on what local schools charge will tell you that apart from the silly eyecatcher deals £20 is about average for the local area, and yes you really can get some FREE LESSONS (Click Here)

quizzielizzieWhat is the cheapest overall cost ?       

driving lessons grimsby c21roundGood question. Most people focus on the lesson rate, but who wants to pay for 45hrs at £18 when you can pass with 36hrs at £20, work it out for yourself. Click here for more on that subject.

Overall cost depends mainly on ability and application. Another factor is the way the training programme is structured.

Our popular 36hr (12 week) training course is planned in such a way as to have you ready for a driving test within 12 weeks by taking 1 x 2hr lesson in weeks 1-6 and 2 x 2hr lessons in weeks 7-12

quizzielizzieCan I fix the cost of my training ?

driving lessons grimsby c21roundThat's not such an easy one. We can certainly negotiate an all in one price, which will depend on what you want included in the price, your location and timescale for your training course.

So fill out an enquiry form with your details and requirements and we will give you a bespoke quote, and remember, it costs nothing to find out

quizzielizzieDo you do (semi) intensive training ?

driving lessons grimsby c21roundYes we do, if that is the direction you want your training to take. We would normally do an assessment lesson first to determine whether you fit the criteria to undertake this type of training.

Before you start spending your money, we both need to know whether you can cope with a course like this. It is not for the faint hearted.

First ask yourself some hard questions, can you cope under pressure, have you got the time available, can you afford it. It is not just a case of sitting in a car for a week. There is a lot to consider

quizzielizzieDo you do motorway/refresher lessons ?

driving lessons grimsby c21roundYes and Yes. In fact we cover every topic of driver training. So if you are thinking of a friend or family member, old or young, male or female, ALL can benefit from some sort of refresher training. It could also be multi-story car parks, or some topic related issue like parallel parking.

Maybe someone has just got a brand new car and doesn't understand all the techie acronyms and what they do or mean. It is always better to ask than learn the hard way

quizzielizzieMy company wants me to pass ASAP. Can you help ?

driving lessons grimsby c21roundAlthough not as frequent as it once was, this issue still comes up. Whether they are paying for your training or not, sometimes the boss will see you as infinitely more useful if you have a driving licence, but when it comes to the crunch, isn't all that helpful when it comes to giving you time to arrange your lessons.

All sorts of work related issues can arise during training. We will help you where we can. This sort of problem is more common than you think, and we have dealt with it before

quizzielizzieCan I have 10 lessons in one week ?

driving lessons grimsby c21roundYes if that is what you want. All training programmes need to be tailored to the pupil not the trainer. Some instructors are very restrictive in what they will and will not do with regard to the hours they make available to their learners.

With us you can book a lesson almost any time or day you want, as long as you book far enough in advance. Be realistic in your choices and remember, if you don't ask, you dont get.

Best of all, we have no pricing premium on lessons, but availability is limited. There are 7 lessons at 7:00am in a week but only one of them is on a Saturday


Got a question of your own ??

Send it to us and we will try to answer it for you



The hidden cost of cheap driving lessons
Why cheap driving lessons don't work

One of the first thoughts that comes to mind when it's time to think about driving lessons is how much they are going to cost. That is understandable, but also not the way we normally think about things we buy for ourselves and our family. If that was the case then Reebok and Nike would go out of business and there wouldn't be an iPhone, a BMW or designer handbag anywhere to be seen.

So what is different when it comes to driving lessons? The answer is 'perceived' cost versus value, so some of the "catch em" cheap start-up offers look great, but cost you money in the long run. The amount of money we would have to hand over every week to pay for our lessons creates a false impression of the total driving lesson costs. (36 x £20 is cheaper that 47 x £17, but what we compare is £20 and £17, we do not immediately make the calculation.

Would you want the cheapest eductation for your child? Would you want the cheapest medical care for your family? Of course not, so put things in perspective. Better training is not necessarily more expensive, but it is definitely more desirable

Have a look at some of the things you should consider
Price / Offer Short term view Long term view
5 hrs for £55.00p Easy maths, £11.00p per hour  You're right of course, sounds like a good deal, but you need to know how much the follow up lessons are going to cost. Obviously 5 hours is not going to be enough to learn to drive. How many more will you need, how much will they be, what is the total cost of my training and to what level will I be trained. Will I pass 1st time or will multiple test attempts increase my total costs?
10hrs for £99.00p Even better, £9.90p per hour As above, plus it is worth considering what you are going to achieve. What are the targets, how far will you go, what skills will you master. How motivated is your instructor. This price does not even cover the running costs of his car, so he is losing money on these lessons. You will probably not see the best of him until you start paying full price and he is earning some money
10hrs for £200.00p £20.00p per hour, why should I pay that We are now in the realms of a realistic prices for driving lessons. Research your area, what do most of the local instructors charge. £10ph sounds too cheap and £30ph too expensive. This is where the professionals will show their worth, because rather than ridiculous start-up deals, they will offer discounts that grow in line with your commitment, so you may see £1ph off for 10hrs purchased, £2ph off for 20hrs etc. Ask about total training packages of 30hrs+ and you will get the best price from any driving school
 Guarantees Various, from conduct to passing tests

One thing you should check on your first lesson is the green badge displayed near the tax disc on the left hand side of the car windscreen. ALL qualified instructors MUST have a green badge and MUST display it when charging for driving lessons. As for guarantees, check the wording, even 5hrs for £50 might not be what it seems (could be 1st lesson and test day appointment) so if you do not stay with that instructor/school you could forfeit the hours.